Putin had NOTHING to do with DNC Hacks

Two days before the U.S. Presidential Election, NIA released a video entitled ‘America’s Rigged Election’ showing why it believed Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin had absolutely NOTHING to do with the “hacking” of the DNC and Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta. In NIA’s opinion, Putin didn’t “interfere” in the U.S. election in any way – just like how he completely stayed out of U.K. politics and made no attempt to influence the Brexit referendum.

Throughout the Presidential campaign season, there was obvious coordination between the Clinton Campaign, President Obama, U.S. intelligence agencies, and the U.S. mainstream media – in an attempt the rig the election against Donald Trump. It is no coincidence that on the evening of Friday, October 7, 2016, the very night that Wikileaks released its first batch of Podesta emails, exposing how Hillary dreamed of a hemispheric common market with open borders, the Department Of Homeland Security and Office of the Director of National Intelligence on Election Security issued their joint statement accusing Russia of hacking the DNC, stating that, “only Russia’s senior-most officials could have authorized these activities.”

U.S. intelligence agencies portrayed the hack as being so wildly sophisticated that only with the backing of Putin himself would it be possible to pull it off. In reality, Podesta gave away his password in a simple phishing scheme that required no technical sophistication whatsoever. If one does a search for “get someones Gmail password” there are numerous web sites out there that allow you to submit a target’s Gmail address and they will automatically send the target a phishing email made to look like it was sent from Google – urging them to click on a phony link to change their password. If the person is dumb enough to fall for it, these services will sell you their password for a fee.

U.S. intelligence agencies truly have no idea who is responsible for the phishing of Podesta’s Gmail password, and appear to have taken no real steps to find out. They falsely accused Russia without any evidence due to it being politically beneficial to Clinton and Obama. This isn’t the first time they did this. Does anybody really believe that North Korea was responsible for the hacking of Sony two years ago – seeking revenge for them producing ‘The Interview’ about Kim Jong-un?

Leading up to the U.K. Brexit referendum, then U.K. Prime Minster David Cameron under the advice of Obama brought up Putin’s name at every opportunity – saying repeatedly that Putin “would be happy” if Britian voted to leave the European Union. In reality, Putin acted like a true statesman and refused to express his opinion on the Brexit referendum. It was actually Obama who interfered in the Brexit referendum. Obama threatened U.K. voters, saying that if the “leave” campaign succeeded, the U.K. would be placed at the ‘back of the queue’ for trade talks!

Besides interfering in the U.K. Brexit Referendum:

Obama interfered in the 2015 Israeli election by sending taxpayer money to fund a campaign designed to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Obama was behind the hacking of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone, something the U.S. mainstream media has conveniently forgotten about.

Obama with the help of RINO warmonger John McCain planned and backed the violent overthrow of a democratically elected Ukraine government, then with the help of the mainstream media portrayed Putin as the aggressor, when Putin was only trying to save the lives of the Ukrainian President Yanukovich and Russian speaking citizens of Crimea who were about to get slaughtered by Ukrainian nationalists. The U.S. mainstream media totally brainwashed the American public into believing that Putin was trying to takeover the country of Ukraine and would soon be invading other bordering nations.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine was complete fiction. If an actual invasion took place, the media would have aired countless videos of Russian forces rolling across the border in tanks, racing towards the shore in amphibious vehicles, and parachuting to the ground from aircraft. When headlines were crossing western news wires about Russia deploying 16,000 troops to Crimea, American media talking heads became hysterical about Putin’s aggressive act – completely ignoring the fact that those troops were already stationed in Crimea as part of a longstanding agreement that allowed for Russia to legally keep up to 25,000 troops, 24 artillery systems, 132 armored vehicles, and 22 military planes on Crimean territory.

The citizens of Crimea voted overwhelmingly to secede from Ukraine and join Russia – and it should be commended how fast the entire process took place. Putin respected the will of Crimean citizens and their right to secede – unlike Obama who doesn’t believe secession should be legal anywhere in the world. Already, Russia has constructed its own gas pipeline to Crimea and has begun construction on one of the world’s largest infrastructure projects – to connect Crimea to Russia by bridge.


On December 12th, NIA posted a video of independent Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett, who exposed how the western mainstream media has been lying to the public about the War in Syria. Obama used Isis as his excuse for being in Syria, but has never been serious about fighting Isis. Obama’s goal has always been taking out Assad and seeing regime change in Syria. When Obama and members of Congress like McCain speak about arming moderate rebels in Syria, they are really speaking about arming Isis to help destabilize Syria.

Prior to Russia entering Syria, Isis was able to raise $1.5-$2 million per day to fund its terrorist operations by selling stolen Syrian crude oil through Turkey. Obama refused to bomb the oil transportation infrastructure of Isis because he claimed to be worried about environmental damage.

Every time the Russian backed Syrian army has achieved a major victory in Syria, the U.S. mainstream media has attempted to cover it up by making up totally false stories about the Syrian army purposely bombing hospitals – often showing pictures of a hospital that got bombed by Isis months earlier. The mainstream media has repeatedly spread false propaganda that the Syrian army is using chemical weapons against its own people. If somebody relied entirely on western mainstream media sources, they would believe that Russia has never killed one member of Isis in Syria – when in fact Putin has been far more effective against Isis than Obama.

Obama is upset at Putin because Putin has prevented him from overthrowing Assad and turning Syria into the next Libya. Syria’s capital Damascus under the leadership of Assad is a fully operational city with its own stock exchange where share prices increased 32% in 2016. Damascus even has its own 5 star Four Seasons hotel, one of the finest hotels in the middle east. Obama wanted to see what’s left of Syria totally destroyed and can’t handle the fact that he’s leaving office with Assad still in power.


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