Palladium Breaks $800, SWC Breakout to $20+ Coming!

Palladium futures are up $15 today to $801 per ounce and are rapidly approaching their 52-week high from April 14th of $817 per ounce. After palladium breaks its 52-week high of $817 per ounce, it could quickly rise to its 13-year high reached on February 18, 2011, of $857 per ounce.
NIA’s #1 palladium stock suggestion Stillwater Mining (SWC) is beginning to breakout big today and is currently up $0.34 to $15.72 per share. Back on February 18, 2011, when palladium reached its 13-year high of $857 per ounce, SWC reached a high that day of $25.12 per share.
Palladium only needs to rise another 7% to reach its 13-year high of $857 per ounce. If history repeats itself, while palladium rises 7% to $857 per ounce, we could see SWC rise 60% to $25.12 per share.
Worst case scenario, we believe SWC will rise 27.2% and break $20 per share at the same time palladium rises 7% and breaks $857 per ounce! Take a look at SWC‘s 5-year chart, NIA believes it is the #1 most bullish chart in the market today! SWC has already surpassed its key resistance levels and it should be smooth sailing into the $20-$25 per share range!
Save this alert. We will be pointing back to it in the near-future to show you how right we were.