NIA is Pleased that Gold Fell Below $1,192 Support this Morning

Gold this morning has fallen below $1,192 per oz, which acted as an important support level for the last 16 consecutive months. This is very pleasing to NIA as it will flush out all remaining weak hands a lot sooner than if $1,192 per oz held as a triple bottom.

How low can the HUI/Gold ratio go?

The HUI gold stock index/gold price ratio finished Wednesday at 0.148. This is a near 14-year low for the HUI/Gold ratio. The last time the HUI/Gold ratio closed this low was on November 21, 2000 – when it finished at 0.141. The all time low HUI/Gold ratio was set on November 17, 2000 when it bottomed at 0.135.

Proof that the U.S. CPI is Wrong

Check out the following comparisons of real price inflation of three different U.S. goods/services vs. the comparable U.S. consumer price index (CPI) since year 2000. This is proof that the …

Gold/Silver Google Trends Analysis

Over the past 10+ years, percentage changes in the prices of gold, silver, and gold stocks have closely followed changes in Google Search interest for “gold price, “silver price”, and …