NYSE Margin Debt Hits New Extreme vs. Daily Turnover

Back in July 2007 when NYSE Margin Debt hit a then record high of $381.37 billion, the NYSE had Average Daily Turnover of $2.677 trillion. NYSE Margin Debt was equal to only 14.24% of NYSE Average Daily Turnover.

It was just announced that NYSE Margin Debt in February 2017 hit a new record high of $528.16 billion, which is 38.5% higher than July 2007. It is a major concern to NIA that NYSE Average Daily Turnover in February 2017 was only $1.213 trillion, which is down 54.7% since July 2007!

NYSE Margin Debt is currently equal to 43.53% of NYSE Average Daily Turnover – a new record high! The average NYSE Margin Debt/Average Daily Turnover Ratio since 2004 is only 21.89%. The current ratio is a stunning two standard deviations above the long-term average!

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