NIA’s SWC Hits New 52-Week High as Palladium Skyrockets!

Palladium is continuing to skyrocket to new 3-year highs just like NIA predicted on Thursday, reaching another new 3-year high today of $817 per oz. NIA believes it won’t take long for palladium to surpass its 2011 high of $850 per oz, and afterwards it will explode to its 2001 high of $1,100 per oz.

Palladium is 15X more rare than gold and over the past decade, most new cars sold in the U.S. and China have switched from catalytic converters made of platinum – to catalytic converters made of palladium. Russia is the world’s largest producer of palladium, but Russia’s annual palladium production has been declining dramatically in recent years, resulting in huge supply deficits. Palladium prices have remained artificially low due to the Russian government selling off its palladium stockpile, but it appears to finally now be depleted!

In 2001, Russia halted palladium exports in order to build its stockpile, causing palladium to soar from $200 to $1,100 per oz. Now that Russia’s palladium stockpile has been depleted, along with geopolitical tensions rapidly rising, Russia could once again halt palladium exports at any time now. If so, palladium prices could easily rise to $1,500+ per oz!

On Thursday, NIA announced Stillwater Mining (SWC) at $15.26 as its #1 palladium stock suggestion. SWC just hit a new 52-week high this morning of $16.46 for a gain already of $1.20 or 7.9%! NIA believes SWC will explode north of $20 per share in the days ahead!