NIA’s President on Tonight’s New Episode of Origins on National Geographic Channel

Tonight at 9PMEST on the National Geographic Channel, NIA’s President Gerard Adams will be a part of the new episode of Origins – a new TV series about the Journey of Human Kind. Tonight’s new episode is about how technology and graphical communications have progressed over centuries to where we are today – starting from graphics found on cave walls!

Although he wasn’t a part of last week’s episode, we highly recommend watching it when it reairs beforehand at 8PMEST. It is about the origins of money and earliest forms of currency – including how 9,500 years ago in the Mesopotamian region of Sumer, ancient accountants kept track of farmers’ crops and livestock by stacking small pieces of baked clay, almost like the tokens used in board games today. It shows how money has continued to evolve over many centuries to transform the ancient world into a complex civilization with a common language.

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