Is the U.S. in an economic war with Russia?

When the U.S. in March 2014 announced economic sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis, it effectively declared economic war on Russia. The western mainstream media in its coverage of the Ukraine crisis – was very effective at portraying Putin as a vengeful and out-of-control aggressor who is dead set on recapturing the old Russian Empire.

A prominent western newspaper published an article with quotes from an unnamed Kremlin source, who claimed to personally hear Putin threaten in private to invade Poland, Romania, and the Baltic States. Another well-known member of the western media published a report with quotes from a “former Putin advisor” who claimed that Putin won’t stop expanding Russia until he captures Belarus and Finland. Both of these accounts are fictional.

It is important to realize that Putin was never the real aggressor in Ukraine – the entire Ukraine crisis was completely funded and planned out by the U.S. with support from its E.U. allies. The U.S. orchestrated an illegal coup that successfully forced Ukraine’s legally elected President to abandon the country – all because he chose not to sign an association agreement with the EU and to instead maintain its close ties to Russia.

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