NIA Up 133.33% So Far – Something BIG Possibly in the Works!

NIA is very pleased that Western Potash (TSX: WPX) gained 16.67% yesterday to finish at $0.315 per share on HUGE volume of 2.89 million! WPX is up 80% over just the last four trading days alone – on total volume of 13.27 million! Over the previous four trading days, WPX traded total volume of only 166,900 – so this equals a 79 1/2X increase in trading volume!

So far, WPX is up 133.33% since NIA announced it last month as its #1 stock suggestion for 2017. Keep in mind, we didn’t suggest WPX hoping for a small 133.33% gain. We are looking to surpass our #1 stock suggestion for 2016 Great Panther Silver (GPL), which gained 542.9% as well as our #1 stock suggestion for 2015 Arizona Mining (TSX: AZ), which gained 843.2%!

NIA has very good reason to believe that something BIG could be in the works with WPX – involving MAJOR Chinese investors!

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