NIA Releases 2017 Debt Crisis/Asset Bubble Report

NIA has just released its brand new must read 2017 U.S. debt crisis/asset bubble report. Click here to read NIA’s report immediately in PDF format.

NIA’s 15 page report features 24 exclusive charts exposing how Donald Trump is becoming U.S. President at the worst possible time in history – at the very peak of the largest asset bubble in U.S. history.

Even if Trump is successful at bringing nominal GDP growth back up to the long-term median of 6.02%, it will take Trump’s entire first term as President for the U.S. economy to grow into current asset values! This makes Trump a likely one-term President.

Trump’s best hope to become a two-term President would be to purposely burst America’s massive asset bubble in 2017. Trump must force the U.S. economy to endure a long overdue recession/depression. If Trump can get the pain out of the way quickly, he can then make the tough economic decisions necessary to begin turning the economy around by 2020.

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