BTL Hit $12.80 NIA Members Up 425%!

NIA’s BTL Group (TSXV: BTL) hit a new all-time high on Friday of $12.80 per share for a gain of 425% since NIA first suggested BTL on March 3, 2017 as its #1 Blockchain stock suggestion at $2.44 per share! By far, NIA has sent out more alerts about BTL in 2017 than any other company!

After NIA’s initial suggestion of BTL on March 3rd at $2.44 per share, BTL rose to a high on June 6th of $7.04 per share for an initial gain of 188.5% in three months!

On September 18th, NIA suggested Hive Blockchain (TSXV: HIVE) at $0.74 per share as its new #1 Blockchain stock suggestion, predicting it would reach $2-$3 per share by year-end. On October 13th after HIVE hit $3.17 per share for a gain of 328.4% in one month, NIA reprofiled BTL at $4.55 per share and predicted it would outperform HIVE for the remainder of 2017.

At Friday’s high of $12.80 per share, BTL has gained 181.3% since NIA reprofiled it less than two months ago! BTL has gained 82.4X more than HIVE during this time period, with HIVE only up 2.2% since October 13th to a current price of $3.24 per share!

NIA had impeccable timing both when it initially profiled BTL on March 3rd at $2.44 per share and when it reprofiled BTL on October 13th at $4.55 per share. BTL has never traded below NIA’s initial March 3rd suggestion price of $2.44 per share and since reprofiling BTL on October 13th, it has never traded below $4.55 per share!

Congratulations to all NIA members! BTL is one of the only real blockchain plays in the entire market and NIA was the first to discover it!

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