NIA is Shorting Bitcoin Here at $5,950

NIA has just shorted a large amount of Bitcoin at $5,950 and is also attempting to short Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) here at $704.40. NIA believes that a Bitcoin crash could be imminent.  There has been a rumor going around for the past month that Amazon will announce in its earnings conference call this evening that it is beginning to accept Bitcoin as payment. There’s a 95% chance that this won’t happen, but even if it does there will likely be many people dumping Bitcoin on the news anyway – causing Bitcoin to crash regardless.

NIA perfectly called the start of Bitcoin’s massive rally back in May 2016 at $530 and right now we are predicting that a crash is imminent!

After this week’s disastrous hard fork that spun off a new version of Bitcoin called Bitcoin Gold, which crashed by 76.7% in a single day after Bitcoin enthusiasts realized it is not backed by real gold – the greedy Bitcoin community is becoming increasingly desperate to keep the price of Bitcoin artificially inflated. It was just announced that a new Bitcoin hard fork is being scheduled for December, which will spin off a new Bitcoin clone called Bitcoin Silver. No, this is not April Fools’ Day.

We can assure you that Bitcoin Silver will not be backed by real silver. There is no legitimate need to spin off a new coin called Bitcoin Silver. Bitcoin developers are attempting to once again manipulate the price of Bitcoin higher by promising people more free money, but NIA is confident that it won’t be able to fool the public again like it did with Bitcoin Gold.

Prior to the December hard fork of Bitcoin Silver, there will be a hard fork in November that spins off a new version of Bitcoin called B2X. This hard fork will be the most damaging to Bitcoin, because B2X is expected to challenge Bitcoin to become the main Bitcoin blockchain with the most hashpower.

NIA accurately predicted on August 8th that the greedy Bitcoin community would begin to self-destruct in the following months by creating many new Bitcoin clones – rendering Bitcoin’s 21 million supply limit irrelevant.