NIA Announces Blockchain Stock Set to Explode

NIA was planning to announce its new #1 Mexican silver stock suggestion this week, but with Bitcoin exploding to new record highs in recent days on speculation that the SEC could be getting ready to approve the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust ETF – with a decision due by March 11th, NIA has decided to first announce an opportunity that could allow you to quickly earn a triple digit return next week so that you can better capitalize on NIA’s upcoming HUGE announcement of our new #1 Mexican silver stock suggestion!

The same NIA member who began urging us to invest in and suggest Bitcoin in 2011 when it was trading for only $10, recently informed us about an undiscovered publicly traded company that is leading the effort to commercialize Bitcoin’s underlying Blockchain technology – and NIA has spent countless hours researching the company. Although Bitcoin as a currency is a major bubble, the Blockchain technology that powers Bitcoin is set to revolutionize several trillion dollar industries beginning in 2018. The company that NIA believes will lead the Blockchain movement is BTL Group (TSXV: BTL).

Currently trading for $2.44 per share, BTL has only 17.23 million shares outstanding for a very low market cap of only CAD$42.04 million (USD$31.39 million). Although BTL has already begun to rally in recent months, it has traded very low volume and remains completely undiscovered. Over the last three months, BTL has averaged volume of only 39,300 shares per day. Over the past year, BTL’s volume has exceeded 300,000 shares on only one occasion. Next week, it wouldn’t surprise us to see BTL trade over 300,000 shares on multiple trading days. NIA’s President strongly believes that our timing with BTL will prove to be impeccable and the stock will go down as one of NIA’s largest short-term percentage gainers of all time.

Realistically, we can easily picture BTL soon trading with a market cap of USD$200-$250 million (CAD$267.82-$334.78 million), which would equal a share price of $15.54-$19.43 per share.

Visa recently launched a Blockchain pilot project using BTL’s interbank settlement platform Interbit to explore the ways in which a blockchain-based settlement solution can reduce the friction of domestic and cross border transfers between banks. NIA has confirmed that six major European banks are now participating in BTL’s pilot with Visa.

Click here to read the September 1st, 2016 article on entitled, ‘Visa Invites Lenders to Test Blockchain Payment System’ about Visa’s HUGE partnership with BTL!

By utilizing BTL’s innovative, breakthrough Blockchain technology, Visa is looking to offer a viable alternative to SWIFT! The SWIFT technology that banks use today is expensive, slow and in most cases highly inefficientBTL’s Interbit platform completely automates the compliance and regulation processes that create a large overhead for banks. BTL believes that it can lower remittance costs by at least 80% through its Interbit platform vs. traditional platforms like SWIFT.

Word is quickly spreading about the major success Visa is having using BTL’s Interbit technology. SWIFT itself is becoming very nervous about Visa/BTL and in an act of desperation announced in January that it is beginning to explore the use of blockchain technology! Clearly, BTL is perfectly positioned in the right place at the right time – and NIA predicts that BTL will become a takeover target before long!

In addition to the financial industry, BTL is beginning to see major interest in its Interbit platform from the energy industry! Last month, BTL announced a major new pilot project with some of Europe’s leading energy companies including the largest utility company in Austria! BTL believes that Interbit could significantly drive down costs associated with energy trading.

Click here to read the February 17th, 2017 article on Cryptocoins News entitled, ‘Austria’s Biggest Utility Company to Test Blockchain Energy Trading’. It says that BTL’s energy pilot project will begin this month and continue through May 2017 and will include the participation of Ernst & Young Austria!

Bitcoin just hit a new all-time high this morning of $1,286 and if the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust ETF gets approved next week it could cause an immediate $300-$500 million to flow into Bitcoin! BTL is the only pure Bitcoin technology play in the entire market and is about to get discovered next week!

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