Next Gold Stock to Explode: Calibre Mining (TSXV: CXB)

NIA has once again proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is by far the world’s #1 most accurate organization of analyzing the fundamentals of gold and predicting exactly when a major short-term gold rally is imminent. Exactly one week ago on the morning of January 30th with gold at $1,188.40 per oz, NIA announced that its proprietary gold short-term fundamental indicator was back in the undervalued zone. NIA predicted that gold was, “due to rise by $59 per oz in the days ahead” to a price of $1,248 per oz.

Today, gold is up for its 5th time in 6 trading days rising another $12.10 to $1,231.60 per oz. Gold is already up $43.20 per oz from NIA’s January 30th prediction that a $59 per oz rally was imminent!

Unbelievably, only one month earlier on December 27th with gold at $1,132 per oz, NIA announced that its proprietary gold short-term fundamental indicator had reached the extremely undervalued zone. NIA predicted that gold was, “due for an explosive short-term rally of $78 per oz to a price of $1,210 per oz. NIA’s December 27th prediction came true in only 13 trading days, with gold rising as much as $87 per oz to a January 17th high of $1,219 per oz!

NIA is extremely pleased that its #1 stock suggestion for 2017 Western Potash (TSX: WPX) has already gained from NIA’s December 12th suggestion price of $0.135 to a new 52-week high on January 25th of $0.36 for a gain of 167% in only 30 trading days. During this time period, WPX has been the #2 largest percentage gainer on the entire TSX market. NIA is 100% confident that WPX will continue to reach new 52-week highs in the months ahead, but for the rest of February with gold prices exploding NIA believes Calibre Mining (TSXV: CXB) will become the new #1 hottest play in the entire market!

Last year, after NIA’s #1 stock suggestion for 2016 Great Panther Silver (GPL) gained from NIA’s suggestion price of $0.35 to a high of $2.25 for a gain of 542.9% – NIA suggested Calibre Mining (TSXV: CXB) on the morning of July 6th at $0.155 per share as the gold/silver mining stock that we believe will become our next massive short-term gainer like GPL. Following NIA’s initial profile, CXB gained 74.2% to a new 52-week high of $0.27 per share in only one trading day!

On July 6th, when NIA initially suggested CXB, it was a little bit too early. On that very same day, gold peaked at its 2016 high of $1,377.50 per oz, before declining $253.60 per oz to a bottom of $1,123.9 per oz. Gold has since rallied $107.70 per oz from last year’s low. Although gold is still no where near its July 6th peak of $1,377.50 per oz, CXB has been rising big in recent weeks on massive volume and is already back up to $0.25 per share!

CXB is just $0.02 away from its key breakout point of $0.27 per share and after it breaks $0.27 it could easily double to $0.54 per share within the following 2-3 weeks!

CXB’s largest shareholder is billionaire Pierre Lassonde, founder of both Newmont Mining (NEM) and Franco-Nevada (FNV)two of the world’s three largest gold companies – with a combined market cap of $32 billion! When NIA initially suggested CXB in July, it predicted that Pierre Lassonde would soon increase his CXB position by 50% and that would cause CXB’s share price to immediately explode to $0.45+ per share within days.

NIA’s prediction recently came true with Pierre Lassonde purchasing an additional 12.5 million shares increasing his CXB stake to 37.5 million shares! CXB remains undiscovered but in recent days its volume has been increasing big time. NIA believes CXB could surpass its key breakout point of $0.27 as soon as tomorrow and if we are right, it could easily finish this week trading above $0.45 per share!


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