New NIA Graphene/3D Printing Stock Suggestion

Lomiko Metals (TSXV: LMR)
Currently $0.07 per share

NIA is pleased to announce Lomiko Metals (TSXV: LMR) as its second graphite stock suggestion. LMR owns 4.4 million shares or 11.23% of Graphene 3D (TSXV: GGG), which is up 24% today and up 42% over the last four trading days.

GGG went public on August 11th at $0.40 per share and just hit a new 52-week high today of $1.29 per share for a gain of 223% in just 13 trading days. LMR invested into GGG earlier this year at an average investment price of $0.12 per share. LMR is now up 975% on its investment – and it’s not yet being reflected in LMR’s share price. Look for LMR to gain 50%-100% over the next 3-4 trading days.

LMR is a North American flake graphite explorer that’s focused on the emerging graphene technology space. Graphene is a breakthrough new material produced from graphite that is being called the wonder material, because it is the strongest, thinnest material known to exist – and can conduct electricity and heat better than anything else. Besides being the hardest material in the world, it is also the most pliable – and could revolutionize many different technology industries.

GGG has filed for patents on 3D printing technologies that could very well change the way we all live and purchase products. 3D printing is the process of creating a three-dimensional, solid object from a digital file of virtually any shape, using an additive process. Using proprietary methods, GGG’s team has developed technology to produce graphene nanocomposites and other advanced materials to be used in 3D printing. GGG’s technologies have the potential to bring 3D printing to the next stage of commercial development.

LMR has entered into a major strategic alliance with GGG and is providing high quality flake graphite from its Quatre Milles Project – for GGG to convert to graphene. GGG will develop a feasible procedure for the purification of flake graphite for use in graphene production, and will provide guidance on technologies tailored to the production of graphene and graphene-related materials. LMR has the option to continue providing equity funding to GGG on an exclusive basis for the next two years!

LMR has $4.86 million in cash and no debt – and with GGG exploding, LMR is about to rapidly rise 50%-100% by the end of this week, in NIA’s opinion.

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