Canadian Citizens Each Owe NATO $5,508

America’s neighbor to the north has become NATO’s second biggest deadbeat. In recent years, Canada has been spending only half of the required 2% of GDP on military expenditures. Since 1993 on a cumulative basis, Canada owes NATO a shocking $200.71 billion, which is equal to $5,508 per-capita.

The world’s #1 largest NATO deadbeat is Germany, which owes an astonishing $403.25 billion or $4,907 per-capita! After #2 Canada, the next biggest NATO deadbeats are #3 Spain: owes $129.55 billion or $2,789 per-capita, #4 Italy: owes $97.87 billion or $1,613 per-capita, and #5 Netherlands: owes $81.76 billion or $4,815 per-capita!

On a per-capita basis, the world’s two biggest NATO deadbeats by far are #1 Luxembourg: where each citizen owes $20,904, and #2 Iceland: where each citizen owes $16,744! Unbelievably, Iceland doesn’t have a military at all – yet NATO continues to defend them free of charge!