NASDAQ Blockchain Play Ready to Explode: COGT

First of all, we would like to congratulate all NIA members on Vuzix (VUZI), which hit a new 16-month high yesterday of $9.55 per share for a gain of 69% since NIA announced it on November 13th at $5.65 per share as its #1 Augmented Reality (AR) stock suggestion for 2018. NIA’s President Gerard Adams is on his way now to CES 2018 in Las Vegas to see VUZI and Amazon (AMZN) unveil to the world VUZI’s breakthrough new Vuzix Blade AR Smart Glasses powered by Amazon Alexa.

According to a USA Today article published yesterday, “The idea behind the specs, which resemble sunglasses, is that you’ll pair them with a smartphone you can leave in your pocket and purse. Then, with Alexa’s help, you can have the glasses project directions, menus, weather reports, stock quotes, sports scores, social feeds other hands-free alerts, on an image that appears in front of your eyes. And yes, you’ll still be able to see your real life physical surroundings at the same time.”

NIA has for you a NASDAQ blockchain play that we believe is set to explode in the upcoming days/weeks: Cogint, Inc. (COGT). They have just signed a major strategic alliance with Dragonchain, a company that’s developing a blockchain platform originally built by Disney.

The Dragonchain blockchain platform was originally developed at Disney’s Seattle office between 2015 and 2016 under the name “Disney Private Blockchain Platform”. Disney wanted to build an easy-to-use blockchain platform that had all the benefits of immutable proof on the public blockchain, in a flexible business-focused package, while ensuring greater data privacy than other enterprise-oriented blockchains.

Unlike the public Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols, Dragonchain is a hybrid. This means some information is private, and some is public, providing major advantages over other blockchain platforms. The project was open-sourced by Disney in October 2016 and is now maintained by the Dragonchain Foundation.

Dragonchain is led by Joe Roets who has contributed since 2010 to the blockchain and cryptocurrency projects of Disney, Overstock, and Coinbase. At Disney, Roets developed the Dragonchain blockchain platform with Eileen Quenin, the current President of the Dragonchain Foundation who prior to joining Disney worked at Amazon where she helped develop its global payment platform Amazon Pay.

By combining COGT’s differentiated abilities to deliver asset tracking, identity verification, fraud prevention, and secure transactions with the Dragonchain blockchain platform – it will accelerate adoption of the platform by enterprises, while instilling confidence in not only Dragonchain but the emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.

Together, COGT and Dragonchain will be integrating mission-critical business applications with the secure, decentralized, scalable Dragonchain blockchain platform to empower businesses of all kinds to adopt the technology for their daily business functions. By leveraging COGT’s massive database and proprietary algorithms, they will accelerate commercial adoption of the Dragonchain blockchain platform across all industries.

COGT is a rapidly growing company that has very solid fundamentals. Last quarter, COGT’s adjusted EBITDA grew by a stunning 84% year-over-year to $5.8 million on revenue of $57.2 million an increase of 10% year-over-year.

In recent weeks, COGT has experienced a MASSIVE amount of insider buying from five different members of its management team and Board of Directors! Since November 13th, COGT insiders have purchased a combined 86,337 shares! We are unaware of any other technology stock in the entire market that has been experiencing insider buying from five different officers/directors! One of the recent insider buyers is Dr. Philip Frost who is on the Forbes billionaires list with a net worth of $2.8 billion!

The only other NASDAQ blockchain play being aggressively accumulated by a multi-billionaire is Overstock (OSTK), which hit a new record high today of $89.80 per share – after rising 553% in recent months!

COGT initially caught NIA’s attention back in November when it discovered COGT insiders beginning to aggressively accumulate shares. On November 20th with COGT trading at $4.18 per share, NIA sent out an alert about COGT’s insider buying, predicting that a major short squeeze was imminent!

NIA was right! COGT exploded to a high on January 4th of $5.75 per share for an initial gain of 37.6%. Right now at $4.85 per share, we believe COGT is at a perfect entry point and poised for a much more explosive short-term rally!

In November, we had no clue whatsoever that COGT was about to become a blockchain play. As word spreads in the days/weeks ahead about COGT entering the blockchain space, look for it to make a HUGE short-term rally to $10 per share!

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