Mainstream Media in Meltdown Mode

The mainstream media talking heads on CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC are in total denial that their criminal candidate lost! It’s mathematically impossible for Hillary to win the race at this point, but they continue to say it’s “too close to call” – determined to stretch out the final day of strong ratings that they will EVER have!

If roles were reversed and Hillary had the same lead Trump does, they would have officially called the race an hour ago and celebrating America’s first female President as a victory for our entire country! They would all be speculating over if Trump will “concede” the race or will he threaten to “ruin her moment” and “destroy democracy”. Just like they refused to ask Hillary before the race if she would concede because it would be pointless to ask such a hypothetical question considering her huge lead in the polls – they still aren’t asking that question now!

CNBC’s John Harwood who was exposed by Wikileaks for his collusion with the Clinton Campaign, just made some statement on the air about how “Hillary needs to figure out a way to make up for the rural areas in Wisconsin where she is losing badly” like the campaign is still going on and she can simply make up some more lies for Harwood to spread to Wisconsin voters. Harwood appears to be in total shock and can’t believe his phony/fake polls weren’t enough to brainwash/manipulate Americans into jumping on the Hillary bandwagon!

After tonight, the ratings of CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC will collapse and so will the million dollar salaries of their overpaid establishment, status-quo loving suck up reporters! It’s so sad they won’t get the chance to read from their pre-written scripts about how if Trump refuses to concede, Americans will abandon his brand in droves and Trump will lose his billions in wealth!

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