Insider Info on WPX

When NIA says that it has very good reason to believe that something BIG could be in the works with WPX – involving MAJOR Chinese investors – it is based on public information that nobody in the media is aware of yet! The media doesn’t have a clue that it should be looking for it, let alone where to look! In a way it’s sort of like having insider info that we can make a fortune on in a totally legal way! Look for a special alert from NIA this evening discussing everything it has learned – you won’t be disappointed!

Mosaic (MOS) the owner/operator of the Belle Plaine Mineone of the largest producing potash solution mines in the world and the closest producing mine to WPX’s Milestone Potash Project – just hit a new 52-week high today of $32.90 per share! MOS recently announced a HUGE $2.5 billion deal to acquire the fertilizer business of Vale (VALE), with MOS mainly interested in their flagship Kronau potash project, which is located directly adjacent to WPX’s Milestone Potash Project! After MOS officially closes on the deal to become the owner of VALE’s Kronau Potash ProjectWPX’s Milestone Potash Project will likely become the new #1 threat to the market share of MOS in the region!

The largest potash producer in Saskatchewan Potash Corp (POT) is up 4.45% today to $19.73 per share and rapidly closing in on its 52-week high of $19.88 per share! Closely following POT is the stock of Agrium Inc (AGU), a major potash producer that is in the process of merging with POT to form the world’s largest fertilizer company!

MOS, POT, and AGU jointly own Canpotex – a company that handles all Saskatchewan potash exportsCanpotex just announced the other day that they are already fully committed on planned potash shipment volumes through the end of March 31, 2017!

According to Canpotex, “estimates of opening potash inventory levels in all major export market regions are lower than last year’s comparisons, providing a strong base of demand into 2017.”

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