Important NIA Update and Announcement

Scroll down to the bottom of this alert for an important NIA announcement about how we intend to continue capitalizing on the current Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency boom!

NIA’s Vuzix Corp (VUZI) broke $7 on Tuesday and hit a high of $7.25 per share for a gain of 28.3% since NIA announced VUZI on November 13th at $5.65 per share as its #1 Augmented Reality (AR) stock suggestion! VUZI received very positive mainstream media exposure on Tuesday when its CEO was a guest on FOX Business with Maria Bartiromo, who said that VUZI has been succeeding in the Smart Glasses market where tech giants like Google (GOOG) have failed. In NIA’s opinion, sometime in 2018 when the Cryptocurrency space begins to cool off, AR will takeover as the #1 hottest technology space. NIA considers it to be a pretty safe bet that VUZI will explode into double-digit territory in early 2018!

The company that NIA sent the most alerts about in 2017 was BTL Group (TSXV: BTL) and it hit a new record high on Monday of $14.25 per share for a gain of 484% since NIA initially announced BTL as its #1 Blockchain/Crypto stock suggestion on March 3, 2017 at $2.44 per share and a gain of 213.2% since NIA reprofiled BTL on October 13, 2017 at $4.55 per share and predicted it would explode into double-digit territory by year-end!

If you invested $10,000 into BTL on March 3rd at $2.44 and sold at its initial short-term peak reached on June 6th of $7.04 per share, then invested the proceeds into Hive Blockchain (TSXV: HIVE) when NIA suggested it on September 18th at $0.74 per share, and sold HIVE on October 13th at $3.17 per share to immediately reenter BTL with those proceeds at $4.55 per share, at BTL’s record high of $14.25 per share reached on Monday your shares would’ve been worth $387,000 for a total return of 3,770% in nine months!

This past Sunday, the CBOE launched Bitcoin futures and on December 18th the CME will do the same! It is widely believed that the successful launch of Bitcoin futures on both the CBOE and CME will now open the door to the SEC approving Bitcoin ETFs. NIA predicts that we will soon see U.S. Global Investors (GROW) file to launch a Bitcoin ETF and if NIA is right, look for GROW to explode towards $10 per share. NIA suggested GROW as its latest Bitcoin stock suggestion on November 24th at $3.86 per share and predicted it would reach $6 per share the following week. NIA was right! On November 27th, GROW hit a high of $6.90 per share for an incredible gain of 78.8% in two days!

After GROW gained 78.8% in two days to a high of $6.90 per share, it dipped back to NIA’s suggestion price on December 5th, but has rallied again in recent days reaching a high today of $5.86 per share. Although there is an excellent chance of GROW soon surpassing its November 27th high of $6.90 per share, NIA has been searching for new Bitcoin stock suggestions with much larger upside potential!

NIA has discovered three stocks that it believes will become the biggest Cryptocurrency plays in the final weeks of December and throughout 2018! Two of them are totally undiscovered and haven’t made any major moves yet, but we believe have the potential to achieve gains similar to BTL and HIVE. The third one is beginning to receive some attention and has begun to break out in recent days on low volume and we believe will soon explode on very strong volume similar to GROW.

We are going to give a select few NIA members an opportunity to receive an exclusive report about these three companies. These lucky few NIA members will learn about NIA’s top three new Blockchain plays at least one full week prior to NIA announcing them to the public as official new Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency stock suggestions. If you would like to capitalize on this opportunity, we strongly suggest that you prepare yourself now by purchasing either 0.05 Bitcoin or 0.5 Bitcoin Cash.

NIA is going to be accepting contributions from members who would like to receive this exclusive report. The proceeds will go towards NIA’s soon to be released Cryptocurrency documentary. In recent months, NIA has spent a lot of time and money writing/producing a documentary about the Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency technology space. We will be sending out more details about the documentary in the days/weeks to come. It will be released within the next month.

NIA’s President Gerard Adams has been producing the documentary with the same team he uses to produce Leaders Create Leaders (LCL), his extremely popular video series on entrepreneurs, innovators, idealists, and the stories of how they hustled their way to the top. If you are unfamiliar with LCL, you can watch his latest episodes by clicking here!

By donating either 0.05 Bitcoin or 0.5 Bitcoin Cash you will be allowing us to educate and inform millions of people from around the world to the truth about Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. Be ready for NIA’s upcoming announcement about its exclusive Bitcoin/Crypto stock suggestion report!

Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. NIA is not an investment advisor and does not provide investment advice. Always do your own research and make your own investment decisions. This message is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy, sell, or hold securities. NIA has received compensation from a third-party for covering GROW of $30,000 cash. NIA has received compensation from a third-party for covering BTL of $20,000 cash. NIA has received compensation from a third-party for covering VUZI of $20,000 cash. NIA has received compensation from a third-party for covering HIVE of $60,000 cash. Never make investment decisions based on anything NIA says. This message is meant for informational and educational purposes only and does not provide investment advice.