Hillary Needed 9 Pt Oversample for 1 Pt Lead

One week ago, Hillary Clinton led the ABC News tracking poll by 12 points, but today she only leads by 1 point. The shocking truth is, to show Hillary up by a mere 1 point ABC News was forced to oversample Democrats by 9 points! Removing this bias, Trump would be leading the ABC News poll by 8 points!

Keep in mind, ABC News conducted their latest survey over the 4-day period of October 25th-28th and the latest FBI revelation didn’t become public until the afternoon of the 28th. It’s very possible that the real Trump lead after removing the media’s bias will be double-digits next week.

On average: ABC News, CNN, FOXNews, IBD, Gravis and the LA Times have Hillary in the lead right now by 1.67%, but that is with an average Democrat oversample of 7 points. If we remove the bias from each of these polls, Trump is up between 2% and 8% with an average lead of 4.67%.


During the last Presidential election, the LA Times was the most accurate poll. They showed Obama up 4 points when most other polls had him tied with Romney. Currently, the LA Times is using a more modest oversample of 2 points and they have Trump in the lead by 2 points. If we adjust the other polls to a 2 point Democrat oversample to match the LA Times, both FOXNews and IBD would also have Trump up 2 points and Trump’s average lead would be 2.67%.

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