Gold/Silver Stocks Up 5% for Second Straight Day!

The HUI Gold/Silver Stock Index just hit a new high of day and is up 9.67 or 5.2% to 195.97. The HUI is now up 18.49 or 10.4% over just the last two trading days!
Gold is now up $17 today to $1,233.10 per oz with silver up $0.15 to $16.57 per oz. Oil is down $2.10 today to $46.26 per barrel! We now have a Gold/Oil Ratio of 26.65 and it is rapidly approaching its 26-year high of 28.24. The higher the Gold/Oil Ratio rises, the more profitable gold/silver miners will become in 2015!
The HUI/Gold Ratio bottomed in December at an all-time low of 0.126 and is now back up to 0.159! Historically, it has always returned to its long-term median of 0.37.
Major accumulation is taking place in Excellon Resources Inc. (TSX: EXN) at $0.67. There has been one major seller here for weeks and this seller is almost completely out of shares. After these $0.67 shares are gone, $1 will come very fast, in NIA’s opinion.
EXN is a Mexican silver miner that is currently producing the highest silver grades in the world. EXN‘s silver production costs are among the lowest in the silver mining industry – making EXN one of the few cash flow positive silver miners at current silver prices!
NIA’s 5 previous Mexican silver stock suggestions have made an average gain of 521%!