Ethereum Up 2,155% Since March 3rd!

Since March 3rd when NIA announced Ethereum as its new #1 favorite Cryptocurrency suggestion, Ethereum has gained by 2,155% or 18.42X more than Bitcoin’s gain of only 117% during this time period!

Ethereum’s market cap has increased by $34.83 billion since March 3rd vs. Bitcoin’s market cap only increasing by $24.88 billion. The 751 other ‘Alt-Coin’ Cryptocurrencies in existence have experienced a total combined market cap increase of $31.95 billion.

While Bitcoin’s share of the Cryptocurrency market has just fallen to a new all-time low, Ethereum’s market share has soared to a new all-time high!

When NIA first announced Ethereum on March 3rd as its new #1 favorite Cryptocurrency suggestion, Bitcoin had a dominant market share of 84.77% vs. Ethereum’s then miniscule market share of only 6.48%. Despite Bitcoin at the time being valued 13X higher than Ethereum, NIA made it clear that we were about to see Ethereum’s market cap rapidly catch up to Bitcoin. In fact, NIA predicted that Ethereum’s market cap would eventually surpass Bitcoin – and everybody called NIA’s President Gerard Adams crazy for suggesting such a thing!

Since March 3rd, Bitcoin has lost more than half of its market share! Bitcoin’s share of the Cryptocurrency market is currently down to a new all-time low of 39.56%! During this same time period, Ethereum’s market share has increased nearly fivefold to a new all-time high today of 31.81%!

Ethereum has been rapidly taking market share not only from Bitcoin, but also from the “Alt-Coin” market of all non-Bitcoin/Ethereum Cryptocurrencies. On May 16th (less than one month ago), Alt-Coins had a record high market share of 40.4% vs. Ethereum’s then market share of only 13.45%. Today, Ethereum’s market share of 31.81% has surpassed the latest Alt-Coin market share of 28.63%!

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