See how high corn has been after being adjusted for the CPI, as well as a more realistic version of the CPI, which beginning in 1988 adds an additional 2% to the annual price inflation rate – to account for the BLS’s methodology changes that were designed to understate price inflation in order to keep Social Security COLA increases as low as possible.

Corn Adjusted for Price Inflation


Is there a corn ETF?

There is a Teucrium ETF that owns corn futures contracts and it trades under the symbol CORN.

What is the all time high corn price?

The all time high nominal corn price is $834 per bushel, reached on August 22, 2012.

What is the initial margin requirement for corn futures?

The CBOE just lowered initial corn margin requirements by 14.3% to $2,025 per contract, down from their previous level of $2,363 per contract.

How large is the corn futures contract size?

Each corn futures contract represents 5,000 bushels of corn.

How much is corn below its all time high adjusted for price inflation?

Corn reached an all time high adjusted for price inflation on 7/20/73 of $3,433.90 and at its 6/20/14 closing price of $453.25 corn is 86.8% below it.

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