Cobalt Gains for 24th Straight Week!

Cobalt this week continued its record breaking winning streak by rising another $1,000 to $55,750 per tonne – its 24th straight weekly gain!

Cobalt is used in every Tesla lithium-ion battery just like lithium, but 97% of the Cobalt mined globally is produced as a by-product of either copper or nickel, which are down 31.1% and 52.2% respectively from their 5-year highs vs. Cobalt continuously reaching new 5-year highs! Despite the demand for cobalt beginning to explode, cobalt production has been declining due to many copper and nickel mines suspending operations in mid/late-2016.

To make matters worse, 54% of global Cobalt production comes from Congo – a country that’s more dangerous than Syria. In fact, 40% of Congo’s Cobalt production comes from illegal artisanal mining. A recent media report exposed how the Cobalt in your iPhone battery was likely mined by Congo children who are being forced to work long hours in harsh conditions.

Last month, Apple announced that it has halted Cobalt purchases from artisanal mines in Congo. Between now and year-end 2017, we expect to see a massive race to develop ethical sources of cobalt production in North America. The biggest winners will be companies that discover high-grade, primary cobalt deposits in North America!

Two weeks ago, NIA announced Scientific Metals Corp (TSXV: STM) at $0.60 per share as its #1 Cobalt stock suggestion – predicting that it will double or triple in the short-term. Last weekend, NIA alerted you to how STM had closed the previous week at its exact key breakout point of $0.71 per share.

This week, STM successfully surpassed its key breakout point and finished at a new all-time high of $0.77 per share! NIA members are already up 28.33% on STM in only two weeks! STM has gained on the last eight straight trading days!

STM’s Iron Creek project contains one of the world’s only high-grade, primary Cobalt deposits – and it is located in the most prolific trend of cobalt mineralization in the United States, the Idaho Cobalt Belt – covering 1,800 acres in 90 lode mining claims! We expect STM to be trading for above $1 per share in the near-future!

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