National Inflation Association


These charts rarely get shown by the mainstream media because they illustrate the devastating effects of inflation and how the U.S. economic recovery is phony. We believe these are the most important charts in the world for you to review and fully understand.

The Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet:

The U.S. Adjusted Monetary Base:

Monetary Base Growth Clearly Shows QE1, QE2, and QE3:

Chart of the Real U.S. Money Supply:


Annual Growth of the Real U.S. Money Supply:

Long-Term Gold Chart:

Gold prices adjusted for Real U.S. Money Supply Growth and Growth of Above Ground Gold Stocks:


80% of the gain made by the Dow Jones since 1900 has been inflation:

Long-Term Chart of the Dow/Gold Ratio:

Gold stocks are more undervalued today than ever before in history:

The Gold/Oil Ratio:

NIA’s HUI/Gold to Gold/Oil Ratio shows gold stocks are undervalued compared to their oil expenses:

Official Real U.S. GDP vs. NIA’s corrected version of Real U.S. GDP:

Rising Price of the Big Mac vs. CPI:

GDP using Big Mac Price Inflation in Replacement of Implicit Deflator:




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