BTL Ready to Explode Again – Double Digits Possible Soon!

Back on Sunday June 4th, NIA’s BTL Group (TSXV: BTL) had finished the previous week at $5.70 per share and NIA predicted that after BTL breaks $6 per share it would reach $7 or higher within the following 48 hours!

On Monday, June 5th, BTL soared $0.82 or 14.39% to $6.52 per share and the very next day NIA’s prediction came true with BTL exploding to a new all-time high one week ago of $7.04 per share!

Over the past week, BTL saw profit taking and has dipped to a current price today of $5.37 per share. When BTL hit its all-time high one week ago of $7.04 per share, Ethereum was trading for only $260. This afternoon, Ethereum has exploded to a new all-time high to $391.64!

Ethereum is now up 50.63% from its price one week ago when BTL hit $7.04! A gain of 50.63% for BTL from its high one week ago of $7.04 per share would value BTL at $10.60 per share!

In the upcoming days, NIA expects Wall Street to discover BTL as the only publicly traded Ethereum technology play! A few days ago, Vladimir Putin met with the founder of Ethereum to discuss opportunities for using the technology in Russia.

Russia is the world’s largest producer and exporter of natural gas and BTL is the company that has developed an Ethereum-based blockchain technology platform that is revolutionizing how natural gas gets traded. BTL has just published a screen shot of BP and ENI (two of Europe’s largest energy companies) successfully trading natural gas with each other using BTL’s Interbit platform!

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