NIA’s BTL is About to Explode to New Record Highs

NIA’s #1 cryptocurrency suggestion Ethereum after gaining 47.7% yesterday to a new record high of $42.89 is up another 26.6% overnight to another new all-time high of $54.32! We are currently seeing a massive rush out of Bitcoin and into Ethereum! Ethereum’s market cap just hit $4.879 billion vs. Bitcoin’s market cap declining in recent days to $18.605 billion!

On March 6th when Ethereum was $19.45 with a market cap of $1.756 billion vs. Bitcoin’s then market cap of $20.7 billion – NIA predicted that Ethereum will soon “become the #1 largest cryptocurrency ahead of Bitcoin, because it allows for ‘smart contract’ functionality. A smart contract is an application that gets stored in the blockchain and can facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. NIA recently discovered the company that has developed the world’s most advanced blockchain technology that actively leverages the power of smart contract use.”

On March 6th when NIA made this prediction, Ethereum was worth 8.48% the market cap of Bitcoin. Today, Ethereum is already worth 26.22% the market cap of Bitcoin – and we believe Ethereum will soon be worth MORE than Bitcoin!

Ethereum is now up 579% year-to-date from its year-end 2016 price of $8. In the upcoming days/weeks, investors from all over the world will be searching for ways to capitalize on the Ethereum boom! NIA’s #1 Blockchain stock suggestion BTL Group (TSXV: BTL) is the only publicly traded pure-play in the Ethereum space! Right now, nobody has figured out yet that BTL is a pure Ethereum play, but over the next week or two the word will spread quickly!

At a minimum, we expect BTL to rapidly catch up to Ethereum and reach the same year-to-date percentage change. BTL finished 2016 at $1.20 per share and NIA suggested it on March 3rd at $2.44 per share. After NIA’s suggestion, BTL exploded to a new record high on March 6th of $3.98 for an initial two-day gain of 63.1%. NIA considers it a sure thing that new record highs for BTL are coming.

Prior to NIA’s initial suggestion of BTL, the stock from the time it began trading one year earlier had averaged very low volume of only 25,279 shares per day. During the two weeks since NIA’s suggestion, BTL’s average volume has increased 866% to 244,280 shares per day. One U.K. based venture capital fund with cheap BTL shares has been using this liquidity increase to take profits, but they are running out of shares. The supply of BTL stock in the market is about to completely dry up. Based on Ethereum being up 579% year-to-date, we expect BTL to soon rise 579% from its 2016 year-end price of $1.20 and reach $8.15 per share in the upcoming weeks. Yesterday, BTL rose 4.85% to $2.81 per share – and a price of $8.15 per share will equal a gain of 190% from its current price!

Many investors who have been loading up on Ethereum in recent weeks are talking about Visa’s interest in Ethereum as one of their main reasons for investing. They haven’t figured out yet that BTL is the company that has developed the Ethereum-based Interbit blockchain platform currently being tested by VisaJon Downing who led the launch of Visa’s Blockchain strategy just announced this week that he has officially joined BTL’s Advisory Boardclick here to see for yourself!

A major new book was just published entitled ‘Economy Monitor Guide to Smart Contracts: Blockchain Examples’ and it features BTL’s Interbit as the #1 Blockchain platform taking advantage of Ethereum smart contract technology: click here to see for yourself!

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