BTL Breaks $5 and About to Explode!

Bitcoin just hit a new all-time high this morning of $2,700 up $230.75 or 9.3% from yesterday’s close of $2,469.25. Investors are becoming increasing desperate for ways to capitalize on Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency/Blockchain boom with their stock brokerage account.

Once again, Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) is up much more than Bitcoin itself – rising another $80 or 19.3% this morning to $495 per share. Investors buying GBTC here at $495 per share are effectively paying $5,318.95 per Bitcoin. GBTC is now trading at a premium of 97% above its net asset value!

First Bitcoin Capital (BITCF) just hit $0.43 and is now trading with a market cap of $129.89 million when its CoinQX Bitcoin exchange is phony/fake.

BTL Group (TSXV: BTL) is the only real publicly traded Cryptocurrency/Blockchain technology play. For BTL just to match BITCF’s current market cap of USD$129.89 million, BTL must rise to $9.50 per share!

Right now, very few people are aware of BTL because it doesn’t have Bitcoin or Ethereum in its name. There are hundreds of tweets 24/7 about GBTC and BITCF, but very few about BTL. We expect all BTL investors to inform their friends about the stock over Memorial Day Weekend and for BTL to become the #1 largest percentage gainer in the entire market next week!

BTL has just surpassed its key breakout point of $4.92 per share and is already beginning to explode to new record highs of above $5 per share! BTL could easily reach $6.50-$7 per share by Tuesday and finish next week in the $8-$10 per share range, in NIA’s opinion!

BTL’s current 14-day relative strength index (RSI) at $5.15 per share is only 62.08! In March when BTL reached short-term resistance at $3.98 per share it had an RSI of 85. In April when BTL hit more resistance at $4.91 per share it had an RSI of 75.

BTL’s RSI is unlikely to hit 75 again until the stock reaches $7 per share. BTL’s RSI is unlikely to hit 85 again until the stock reaches $9 or $10 per share.

We can now confirm that BTL is busy developing a major new Blockchain pilot with one of North America’s largest energy companies and we expect to see major news from BTL about this development as soon as next week! The project is scheduled to launch next month!

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