NIA’s #1 Bitcoin Stock Suggestion for 2017

With Bitcoin prices skyrocketing today by as much as 10.54% to a new three-year high of $911.05, up 71.4% since NIA officially suggested Bitcoin on May 30, 2016 at $531.56, NIA has decided that now is the perfect time for us to announce a Bitcoin stock suggestion that NIA has been researching for many months and planned to announce in early January. Although it is very possible that Bitcoin could gain an additional 50% to 100% from its current price of $911.05, there is also an equally good chance that Bitcoin could first decline by 20%-40% before testing its all-time high from late-2013 of $1,151!

The fact is, Bitcoin has a ton of momentum right now and could easily explode past $1,000 any day now – but is extremely risky/speculative as an investment and a pure gamble at these levels. When NIA suggested Bitcoin on May 30, 2016, its volatility for the previous month had declined to a record low and was actually below the volatility of gold.  With a rapidly tightening trading range, we knew that if Bitcoin made a sudden upward move through the key breakout point of its wedge pattern – a massive upward rally was practically a 100% sure thing, especially when NIA secretly knew that the Bitcoin inflation rate was about to be abruptly cut in half during the month of July.

NIA has discovered the perfect Bitcoin stock play that it considers to be almost a 100% sure thing to make massive short-term gains from its current price. We don’t believe it will gain 500%-1,000% like our #1 stock suggestion for 2017 Western Potash (TSX: WPX) is likely to, but we are extremely confident about this stock gaining 50%-100% just like we were extremely confident at the end of May about Bitcoin itself gaining 50%-100% in the short-term!

NIA is pleased to announce its #1 Bitcoin stock suggestion and #2 overall stock suggestion for 2017: GoldMoney (TSX: XAU).

XAU was founded in 2014 as a technology start-up called BitGold that allowed consumers from around the globe to transact in a digital currency with all of the advantages of Bitcoin, but with the backing of real fully-allocated gold! Today, we have a millennial generation obsessed with Bitcoin and a baby-boomer generation that doesn’t understand Bitcoin and prefers to stick with gold as their currency of choice. Both generations have the same beliefs and goals. They are both anti-fiat and are looking to preserve their purchasing power and protect against inflation, but still need ways to digitally transact in a safe and convenient manner!

XAU recently changed its name from Bitgold to GoldMoney after merging with the company GoldMoney that was founded by famous gold investor James Turk. We will have a more in-depth report about XAU tonight. XAU is a steal below $5 per share!

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