Bitcoin Cash Breaks $1,000 as Bitcoin Crashes

Bitcoin Cash is exploding and just broke $1,000 while Bitcoin is beginning to crash! This is exactly what NIA has been predicting for weeks!

Bitcoin Cash is up 57.8% today to $1,017.10!

But Bitcoin is down 7.7% today to $6,600!

The Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin price ratio is up 68.4% today to 0.154!

Since NIA announced that it purchased a long position in Bitcoin Cash on October 29th it has gained by 126% vs. Bitcoin gaining only 10% Bitcoin Cash has gained 12.6X more than Bitcoin!

NIA perfectly timed the Bitcoin boom in May 2016, the Ethereum boom in March 2017, and now the start of the Bitcoin Cash boom! On top of that, every single one of NIA’s Cryptocurrency/Blockchain stock suggestions have achieved MASSIVE gains!

Congratulations to all NIA members!

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