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NIA’s Biggest Year in History is Ahead

Back in February of 2010, the last time NIA publicly suggested a call option, NIA’s timing was absolutely 100% perfect. NIA suggested SLV January 2011 $20 call options on February 8, 2010 at $0.89 – after silver dipped from $18.84 per oz down to $15.14 per oz in less than one month. This turned out… Read More

New NIA Option Suggestion

NIA would like to take this opportunity to announce its #1 way to play next year’s rally in precious metals. NIA suggests for its members to research the January 2015 Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX) $25 call option, currently priced at $1.92. GDX is a gold stock ETF with its top three holdings being… Read More

Gold’s Previous Bottoms vs. Today

Gold’s 1980 high of $850 per oz is actually the equivalent of $7,944.83 per oz in today’s economy. Furthermore, gold’s 1976 low of $103.50 per oz is the equivalent of $1,096.12 per oz in today’s economy. Gold’s 1985 low of $285.75 per oz is the equivalent of $1,276.25 per oz in today’s economy.   The… Read More

Huge Extremely Important NIA Inflation Update!

The Federal Open Market Committee branch of the Federal Reserve announced that beginning in January, the Fed will taper its current $85 billion per month in bond purchases by $10 billion per month. The Fed’s $10 billion taper of QE3 will be divided evenly with monthly purchases of mortgage-backed securities being reduced by $5 billion… Read More

Must Read NIA Fed, Inflation, and Money Supply Update!

QE3 began on September 13, 2012, when the Fed announced that it would immediately begin buying $40 billion in mortgage-backed securities on a monthly basis. Three months later on December 13, 2012, the Fed announced that it was expanding the size of QE3 by buying an additional $45 billion of long-term mortgage securities each month…. Read More

U.S. Dollar vs. Gold vs. Foreign Currencies

When the mainstream media discusses the strengthening or weakening of the U.S. dollar (USD), they almost always refer to the latest movements of the U.S. dollar index (USDX). The USDX compares the USD’s value vs. a weighted basket of six foreign currencies.   57.6% of the basket is weighted towards the Euro, a fiat currency… Read More

NIA Calls Top for Dow/Gold Ratio

Between 1971 and 1980, gold prices rose from a low of $35 per oz to a high of $850 per oz for a 9 year increase of 2,329%. However, very few people remember the gold price correction that occurred in 1975-1976, right in the middle of gold’s 1971-1980 bull market.   Between 1971 and 1975,… Read More

Important NIA Economic Update

Gold prices have been breaking out big over the past couple of weeks. Gold prices ended 2011 at $1,565.80 per ounce with the Dow Jones finishing 2011 at 12,217.5, equaling a Dow/Gold ratio of 7.8. While the Dow Jones has surged so far in 2012 by 3% to 12,592.57, the price of gold has surged… Read More

Ron Paul Has Real Chance of Becoming GOP Nominee


NIA believes that the free market is the number one predictor of the future. We pay a lot of attention to the web site which allows investors to place bets on current events by buying shares on the outcome. Right now on Intrade for the cost of $4.69 you can buy shares that Mitt… Read More

MF Global Steals from NIA’s Friend Gerald Celente

NIA’s most popular guest who has been featured in many of NIA’s previous documentaries is Gerald Celente, President of the Trends Research Institutute and editor of the Trends Journal, which you can subscribe to by going to Celente has been bullish on gold for a long time and has been trading gold since 1978…. Read More


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