America Running Out of U.S. Treasury Buyers

Over the last four years, China dramatically slowed down their purchases of U.S. Treasuries. Four years ago, China accounted for 27.03% of all foreign U.S. Treasury holdings, but today accounts for only 21.27%. In addition, Russia has been a major seller of U.S. Treasuries, reducing their share of all foreign U.S. Treasury holdings from 4.26% down to only 1.86%. If not for Belgium coming to America’s rescue and increasing its U.S. Treasury holdings by 956.56%, the U.S would already be experiencing hyperinflation.
Over the last 12 months, China has officially become a seller of U.S. Treasuries. America won’t be able to rely on Belgium to bail it out moving forward. Belgium’s U.S. Treasury holdings appear to have already peaked. If another surprise U.S. Treasury buyer doesn’t increase its holdings by nearly 1,000% like Belgium, America’s days of exporting its inflation to the rest of the world are now officially over – and all U.S. deficit spending will need to be monetized by the Federal Reserve, resulting in massive U.S. price inflation.
NIA has just published a brand new must see exclusive interactive slideshow containing 15 charts, which prove that America is running out of U.S. Treasury buyers. Click on the link below.

Exclusive Interactive Slideshow

American owes Belgium for delaying U.S. hyperinflation and is running out of U.S. Treasury buyers.