Amazon’s Alexa to Power VUZI’s AR Smart Glasses!

Other than the Cryptocurrency technology space, NIA made it very clear during the final two months of 2017 that its favorite technology space that it believes will boom the most in 2018 is Augmented Reality (AR). On November 13th, NIA suggested Vuzix (VUZI) at $5.65 per share as its #1 Augmented Reality stock suggestion for 2018.

Today, VUZI was the 11th largest percentage gainer on the NASDAQ rising $1.20 or 18.60% to $7.65 per share after announcing that it will be officially unveiling its Vuzix Blade AR Smart Glasses at next week’s CES 2018, which begins on Tuesday, January 9th and ends on Friday, January 12th.

However, the biggest, most shocking news came out after the market closed from Amazon (AMZN), which announced that its Alexa voice assistant will be powering VUZI’s Blade AR Smart Glasses and it will be demonstrated to the world next week at CES 2018!

This Christmas season, Amazon sold “tens of millions” of devices powered by Alexa – making it the #1 most popular technology of the 2017 Christmas season! On Christmas day, Amazon’s Alexa app was ranked #1 on both the Google Play and iPhone App Stores’ free app charts!

This evening, both the mainstream media and social media are going nuts over this announcement! Bloomberg has just published a must read article entitled, “First Amazon Alexa-Enabled Digital Glasses to Debut at CES”, with the subhead saying, “Vuzix, rather than Amazon, making augmented-reality device”. Bloomberg has also just discussed this breaking news on live TV! You can read the breaking Bloomberg news article and watch a video of their television segment by clicking here!

CNBC just released its own article entitled, “Vuzix to unveil first Alexa-enabled smart glasses next week — and the company’s stock is popping”. Click here to read the breaking CNBC news story about VUZI and AMZN!

VUZI in afterhours trading soared by an additional $1.15 or 15% to a new 16-month high of $8.80 per share! Including VUZI’s afterhours increase, the stock gained today by $2.35 or 36.4% and has now made a total gain of 55.75% since NIA initially suggested it less than two months ago at $5.65 per share!

In its December 13th VUZI update, NIA said that it considers it to be a “pretty safe bet that VUZI will explode into double digit territory in early 2018!” After this evening’s AMZN announcement, NIA can easily picture VUZI’s enterprise value rising north of $300 million in the short-term, which would value the stock at $13+ per share!

On December 20th, VUZI closed on a $12.5 million private placement, making it a very well funded company. Alexa could send the sales of VUZI’s smart glasses into the stratosphere! Most importantly, VUZI will immediately become a top takeover target, in NIA’s opinion!

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